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  • How to Use the Electric Cigarettes Electric Cigarettes are an exclusive product

    How to Use the Electric Cigarettes Electric Cigarettes are an exclusive product. This can be explained in terms of the no tar factor that means there are no toxins found within these cigarettes. This reality makes them unique and exclusive at their place. Many doctors recommend women to switch to these cigarettes while they are in the state of pregnancy. They are doing great in the medical world. It is because they are smoke less hence are unable to affect your metabolism. Moreover they allow you to let breaks in the smoking time period that means you may take few […]Read More

  • Few good reasons for opting for the best Electronic Cigarette Brands Electronic cigarettes have now almost become a phenomenon

    Few good reasons for opting for the best Electronic Cigarette Brands Electronic cigarettes have now almost become a phenomenon. The device was invented in the last decade due to the continuous urge of the people to have an alternative to smoking and also an effective and working solution for their problem of addiction. Smoking is today one of the most wide spread addictions in the whole world. For the smokers, at the beginning everything seems to be under control, but then as time passes, they realize that they cannot live without it. This thought itself makes them smoke more and […]Read More

  • Kr808d-1 cartomizers available at a cheap price The world of electronic cigarette is the best ever for all smokers

    Kr808d-1 cartomizers available at a cheap price The world of electronic cigarette is the best ever for all smokers. Lots of expenses have being reduced both in terms of health and the smoking. There is the availability of the kr808d-1 cartomizers for those who smoke the kr808d-1 electronic cigarette. They can come while they are blank or else while filled depending on your choice and affordability. You need to feel the experience of the smoking. This has being well catered for by those manufactures of the cartomizer. When you have the e-juices or the e-liquids, this cartomizer can carry a […]Read More

  • 3 Popular Online E Cigarette Retailers

    Electronic cigarettes are the best alternatives of smoking and you can now get them from online stores. Online you will find many retailers of electronic cigarettes. Pro Vape and uptown vapor shoppe are some of the e cigarette retailers where you will find the best electronic cigarettes.ProVape ProVape are the manufacturers, Leading designers and direct retailers of the brand. Here you will find some of the highest quality electronic cigarettes which are manufactured in the US. When you buy from the retail store of ProVape you can be assured that you are getting the most user friendly devices for your […]Read More

  • Electronic Cigarette Puffs Up Sale

    Electronic cigarette is a popular trend among smokers today. This is the best alternative of traditional cigarette .Due to its popularity the sales of electronic cigarette are raising every week.   E cigarettes for sale are available on the websites. There is no smoke involved in it. Instead, it produces vapors. After puffing from e cig you can shut the device and put them in your pocket. There are no ash and no fire. The popularity of the sales of electronic cigarette can be attributed to many factors. According to municipal laws, smoking is banned in public places, including restaurants and bars. […]Read More

  • Researchers Reveal Electronic Cigarettes Are Not Good For Health

    According to e cigarette research, this trendy device is not good for health. A new research shows that this device, which is very popular these days and is known as the safe alternative in fact, is not that good. According to studies it contains, acetone, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, benzopyrene and silicate. All these elements are present in traditional cigarettes thus they are regarded as the life threatening cigarettes.Electronic cigarettes are not entirely emission free they contain volatile organic compounds including flavors, PG-propylene glycol, nicotine, VG- vegetable glycol and flavors, which emit aerosol or mist indoors. The study showed that […]Read More

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    Different Uses Of The Smokeless Cigarettes

    Many smokers switch to the electronic cigarettes due to its advantages and features. You must beware about the working of the electronic cigarettes. The manufactures of the electronic cigarettes tell you about the working of the electronic cigarettes. When the user takes the puff on the electronic cigarette then the battery of the cigarette heats up the liquid and then the liquid than contain the flavor like vanilla, cochleae, menthol and cheery etc. , nicotine and also the propylene glycol or the vegetable glycerin which is known as the humectants.  e cigarette used for weed and much other purpose. Working […]Read More

  • e cigarette brands

    E cig comparison

    To protect themselves from the effects of smoking, smokers have been trying to switch over to e cig inhalation. Both of them look alike. But their actual target is to avoid the smoke, tar and carbon monoxide which the tobacco cig releases. In e cig, the smokers are not to face all these dangerous things. Again switching over to e cig, it is the first preference of the smokers that which brand of the cigarette they will enjoy to obtain maximum safety and satisfaction from this battery operated device. They want to be relaxed and addicted in the same way […]Read More

  • Why does my electronic cigarette not work?

    Electronic cigarettes are powered with battery for delivery of vaporized nicotine. They do not contain tobacco and neither do they produce smoke. They are a good replacement for nicotine and helps people who wish to quit. The safety concern about inhaling these cigarettes is known very little.The rate of usage of electronic cigarettes is quite high and that is the reason it is preferable by most smokers who want to give up the deadly habit of smoking tobacco. With the increasing health issues most of the smokers want to give away smoke but are unable to due to serious addiction.Troubleshooting […]Read More

  • Why You Need To Switch To E Cigs

    Best alternative Many of the smokers looking for the alternative to tobacco cigarettes but due to lack of the motivation they are not succeed. The smokeless smoking method is the best alternative for the smokers who are concerned about their health. If you find the quitting smoking, very difficult then try the e cigarettes UK.The doctors and the experts also suggest the smokers to get away with the vaping instead of tobacco smoking. It is the best method and gives the same taste and feel as real cigarettes. If you are concerned for your health and do not want to […]Read More

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    Volcano ECig Review

    Volcano ECig Review –’s Feature In Depth Look At Everything This Stunningly Popular E Cig (and E Liquid) Supplier Has On Offer – 2012 Updated Review As e-cig brands go, Volcano electronic cigarettes are not a very well known brand. Nonetheless, many of our readers have given Volcano brand excellent reviews! For this reason, we decided to give them a try and see just how well they compare with better known brands.   [coupon name=”volcano” id=”5″]   Volcano offers a number of different starter kits, and we checked them all – everything from classic three-piece options to their selection […]

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    Chase Cigs Review

    Chase Cigs Review – TheEcig's Review of, A Brand Just Out Of The Gate And Growing Fast   Well I've been reviewing electronic cigarettes for some time, but recently I came across this new brand that seems to challenge everything I knew about [WPMSHOT key=”e-cigarette” url=””]s and starter kits. Chase cigs has some interesting ideas and their standard e-cigarette starter kit really does come with everything that you're going to need to make the switch to e-smoking and kick that nasty tobacco habit. Let's take a look at why this new brand, Chase Cigs, is set to catch up […]

  • V2 Cigs Review

    V2 Cigs Review April 2014 Update

    Last year, V2 had a problem: it was too popular. From the time that they launched this new line, their growth simply exceeded their planned operations.

  • Eversmoke

    EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette

    Eversmoke Bursts onto the E-Cig Scene The end of 2012 brought us a new brand of electronic cigarette, a brand that is making big moves in the industry with its new technologies, overall quality and high ratings across the board: meet Eversmoke. If you’re up on recent electronic cigarette news, you’ll definitely be hearing about them a lot in the future. After reading the initial reviews and rumors claiming that Eversmoke provides one of the fullest vapors ever seen from the kr808d-1 e-cig model, I ordered up their Basic Starter Kit for $59.99 and have been running tests for a […]

  • Safe Cig Micro

    Our thorough Safe Cig Micro Review examines what claims to be the ‘mightiest’ Mini E Cig Ever, Is It Really?

  • White Cloud E Cigs Review - Cirrus III 3 E Cig Reviews

    White Cloud E Cigs Review

    Admittedly it wasn't until recently (and only with their latest generation White Cloud Cirrus III model) that i have gotten around to taking White Cloud E Cigs for a 'test drive' myself. I'll be totally frank as I try to always be in my e cig reviews; the rather crazy high price combined with a healthy skepticism about the 'earth shattering' performance claimed is what kept me away, and i wasn't expecting much going into this one. Electronic cigarettes from White Cloud are on the cutting edge of E-Cig design and development (and they have been since they were first […]

  • Halo Cigs G6 Review

    Halo Cig’s “Halo G6” Model Changes the E-Cig Industry Halo Cigs has long been one of the leading brands in the electronic cigarette market, always keeping with the newest technologies and offering the widest selection of quality accessories and flavors. With the release of their new “Halo G6” model e-cig, they have truly revolutionized the industry and provided one of the top products available to electronic smokers. If you’re new to e-cigs, the Halo G6 is the perfect model for you to begin the lifestyle with. On the other hand, if you’re a veteran smoker, the Halo G6 offers the […]

  • zerocig-ecig-250sq


    ZeroCig: For the E-Smoker that Knows the Value of a Dollar   When I heard tell of a legitimate e-cig starter kit that could be mine for the low price of $19.95, a feeling of disbelief came over me, followed by a half-baked conspiracy theory. I began to suspect that the Shamwow guy had meandered into the e-cig market, promising starter kits for under twenty dollars, only to end up gouging my wallet with exorbitant shipping and handling fees that were cleverly hidden in a size 7 font. But alas, there is a better explanation: Zero Cig brand e-cigs are […]

  • Bull Smoke

    BullSmoke E Cigs Review – BullSmoke E Cigs An Instant Classic With Perfect Mix Of Brand Image and Simple, Top-Notch E Cigs Made For America   The Marlboro Man stood for something. His image was a culture-wide symbol of self-respect, courage and comfort in flannel clothing. Unfortunately, as his brand of tobacco cigarettes has proven to cause lung cancer and his image fades into history; we are left with a hole to fill. We are in need of a new symbol of Western valor, a new brand that can represent everything found in his simplicity and work-faded riding jeans. I […]

  • Smokeless Image Volt Starter Kit White

    Volt E Cig Smokeless Image Review

    Smokeless Image Has Established Their Spot As A Leader With VOLT and VOLT X2 E Cigs, Read Why…

  • v2-june2014-end-supersale-evape15-version2-650-536