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To protect themselves from the effects of smoking, smokers have been trying to switch over to e cig inhalation. Both of them look alike. But their actual target is to avoid the smoke, tar and carbon monoxide which the tobacco cig releases. In e cig, the smokers are not to face all these dangerous things. Again switching over to e cig, it is the first preference of the smokers that which brand of the cigarette they will enjoy to obtain maximum safety and satisfaction from this battery operated device. They want to be relaxed and addicted in the same way as before by the use of the best brands.

v2 e cigarette brands
Information regarding the top 5 e cigarettes

One of the top rated, and most popular (amongst BOTH critics and customers alike) e cigarettes is V2 Cigs.

V2 may be used by any smoker either willing to quit or intended to switch over to a new one. It is very appealing to the smokers with a light blue logo to this artificial cigs which draws attention of aristocracy and symbolizes contemporary. Its taste is quite enjoyable as compared to traditional cigarettes. It is introduced to emulate but not to imitate, though various pleasant smells and flavors have enriched its taste of experience. It does not compromise with taste and price and the smokers are also always ready to welcome any brand which may be costly but money saving and competitive. But taste and smoking feeling have compelled the smokers to be mostly preferred. It gives the smokers the same feeling as they could obtain from the tobacco cigs. Its sophisticated look is very amazing and its flavors attract any of the smokers towards it.
South Beach Smoke
This brand of e cig is very amazing which deserves to be the best kit ever used. Its tobacco flavor can be highly recommended for those who are the natural cig smokers as the heavy vapor produced in each puff is like a traditional cigarette. The smokers who are in search of a good right brand must be stumbled upon at this South Beach Smoke e cig. It has so many flavors that a smoker could never end up tasting them all. For a long time this brand is almost at the apex of all brands though its price is high. But with the application of modern technology it has made itself highly competitive in the market. This brand provides starter kits of different prices for different customers.
It also provides as accessories are

• A charger
• Portable wall charger
• Wonderful personal charging case
• USB charger
Its cartridges offer various flavors; such as
• Tobacco
• Menthol
• Chocolate
• Vanilla
• Peppermint

blu cigs e cigarette brandBlue Cigs
Its stylish look and the variety of flavors really help a smoker not to be bored. Its price is though something higher but that much is deserved by it for its quality. A good smoker does not compromise with quality and here lies its specialty. Its battery durability and charging time are really amazing. But the fact is that Blue can be identified among all the brands of e cigs.
Green Smoke
It serves both to the nicotine lover as well as nicotine hater. Those who try to have the same feelings of tobacco through it may avail Green Smoke`s Absolute Tobacco flavor. But those who try to avoid nicotine may use those cigs with Zero nicotine level but both taste same. Green Smoke provides various flavors and it also charges reasonable price as its cost.

eversmoke the nice other e cigarette brand nameEver Smoke
It can be mistaken as a real paper cig which produces a sufficient amount of vapor and is tasted like a real cig. Among many flavors, Classic Tobacco is the best. It has 5 nicotine strengths. Vapor and great flavor can mislead any smoker to think it as a real cig. Its batteries are amazing which have a good resistance.


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