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E Cig FAQ E Cigarette Frequently Asked Questions

E Cig FAQ Electronic Cigarette Frequestly Asked QuestionsTHE [big] E CIG FAQ


While you may be new to this particular site – chances are you are as it has been in the works for some time and is only just beginning to come together into the vision for, our (my mostly – James Oliver aka Evaporizing – along with a small team of fellow enthusiasts/experts/obsessives).  But you can rest assured that out of very few of us oddball obsessive vapers who know more than we really ought to and caught the vaping bug early on, I know my stuff and make sure this site is going to reflect the very most accurate and up-todate info you can rely on best in the ever changing e cig world.


Indeed its been 4 years since my first e cig, and I have watched this market and the progressively amazing products and new technologies it comes up with at a furious pace. I also know you have a lot of questions about electronic cigarettes, whether you’re new to e-smoking or a veteran smoker in search of specifics.

So considering these two facts, we’ve created a giant list of common vapor cigarette questions that we happily present to you here: The Giant Electronic Cigarette FAQ! This page is separated into three categories: General, Technical and Health FAQs, and they each drop down into specific questions about that realm of e-smoking. We hope you find what you’re looking for and be sure to let us know if you don’t!


THE E Cig FAQ Section 1: General Electronic Cigarette Questions


Where can I purchase an electronic cigarette?

You’ve probably seen the E-Cig display at your local tobacco store as you go in to buy your pack of tobacco cigarettes, so one option is a local retailer; a supermarket, tobacco store and even some gas stations. However, we strongly advise that you purchase your electronic cigarette on the Internet. Here on our review site we’ve compiled a list of 30 great places to buy E-cigs online. Not only that, there are numerous offers for great [WPMSHOT key=”deals” url=””] and coupons for starter kits that you can find all over the web. Many online brands will also offer [WPMSHOT key=”free trial” url=””]s and 100% money back guarantees.


Why would I want to make the switch from tobacco to electronic smoking?

If you switch, you will gain the added flexibility that electronic cigarettes offer. Not only do they allow you to smoke indoors at your home, but you can avoid those massive smoking bans in bars, restaurants and even medical buildings. Not to mention that your children/spouse/parents/roomates won’t be smoked out of your place by your obnoxiously odorous second-hand smoke. And what about cancer? E-Cigs have no tar, no carcinogens and no toxins. Just mist with nicotine in it. The FDA has issued supports stating that electronic cigarettes are generally safe. Besides the fact that your lungs won’t look like two rotting walnuts after a forest fire, you’ll be saving money on your habit. Add in the amazing flavor options for E-cigs and you can really see why you would benefit from switching to E-cigs.


What is the smoke released from E-cigs?

The smoke is actually not smoke at all! It’s a fine, water-based vapor mist that contains nicotine, Smoke is technically defined as “The system made up of small particles of carbonaceous matter in the air, many as a result of burning organic material”. With electronic cigarettes, there is no chemical reaction and no carbon-based nonsense going into your lungs. Instead of a flame to tobacco reaction, there is only the battery-fueled atomizer heating the propylene glycol solution in your E-cig cartridge as the smooth vapor flows into your lungs.


What is propylene glycol?

It’s a common substance that is found in many of our favorite flavors, additives and even in our food coloring. This substance is used in E-cig cartridges as a base for the nicotine and flavoring; it’s also an agent that prevents drying and flavor-loss in your cartridges. The FDA has not listed propylene glycol in their reports, but it is generally thought to be safe by nutrition and health experts. 


Wait, is my E-Cig habit approved by the FDA or TTB?

It is not, in technical lingo, approved by the FDA, though they have stated that it is safer than tradtional cigarettes. However, the FDA did recently ban Crown7 model E-Cigs for infractions on health codes, but they are off the market so you don’t need to worry. On the other hand, the Tobacco and Taxation Bureau has no interest in electronic cigarettes because they aren’t even technically a tobacco-based product. Nicotine does not make it tobacco.


Can I use my device everywhere?

Except for very few exceptions (church and airplanes basically), you can use your electronic cigarette in any situation you find yourself in. The vapor that the device emits is almost completely odorless, it dissipates almost immediately after you exhale. It doesn’t stick to your walls, furniture, car or clothes; you can smoke without hurting the image of you or your home’s market value. Not to mention that electronic cigarettes are not subject to the smoking bans that have caused cigarette habits to become a nuisance rather than an entertainment. If you’re  a cautious type, you won’t have to worry about burning your house or the forest down; E-cigs are non-flammable. Yogi Bear approved.


Does the vapor from the E-cig have any smell?

It does have a smell, sure, but it’s barely noticeable and you can puff on your E-cig without anyone in a 2-foot radius even noticing. It’s that unnoticeable. Unlike that arid cigarette smoke that seems to stick around like an unwanted guest for hours, E-cig vapor dissipates as quickly as it came. Basically, E-cig vapor is to cigarette smoke what Christmas is to Tax Day; it comes and goes quickly without leaving you broke.


Do electronic cigarettes have warranties?

Most manufacturers offer some type of warranty for your device, though the time limit and rules of the warranty differ by manufacturer and your personal preference. Most plans seem to be around 1 year and don’t cover lost or damaged devices. Also, some warranties out there only cover certain components of the E-cig and not in its entirety. When you are purchasing your electronic cigarette, make sure you review the warranty and find the one that’s best for you; if you are the type of person that goes through 4 cell phones in a year you may want to consider investing in a better warranty plan.


How long will the individual electronic cigarette cartridges last?

A big factor in answering this question is actually how hard you inhale on your E-cig. If you are taking monster pulls throughout the day, you are going to go through cartridges faster than if you daintily inhale your vapor. The brands out there also have varying cartridge lifespans; check out our reviews for details about brand-based cartridge life. If you want to compare E-cigs to traditional cigarettes, the conversion rate is as follows:

1 Cartridge in a Pen-Style E-Cig: 1.5 to 2 packs of tobacco cigarettes

1 Cartridge in a Mini-Style E-Cig: .5 to 1 packs of tobacco cigarettes

1 Cartridge in a Cigar-Style E-Cig: 2 to 3 packs of tobacco cigarettes

Once again, these numbers will vary by brand and your inhaling method.


THE E Cig FAQ Section 2: Technical Electronic Cigarette Questions


How do E-cigs work exactly?

For starters, E-cigs are lithium ion battery-powered devices that utilize vaporizing technology to create water-based nicotine vapor from attached cartridges. There are two general set-ups for electronic cigarettes: three piece and two piece. The three piece device consists of a cartridge, an atomizer and a battery while the two piece combines the cartridge and atomizer into one piece. The cartridge is the piece that actually goes into your  mouth as you inhale. The atomizer is the engine that runs the E-cig, heating the air as it flows in so that the air can get hot enough to vaporize the nicotine solution into a fine vapor into your mouth. The atomizer also monitors air coming in to turn on the device and cause the light on the end of the device to light up (to simulate tobacco smoking). The final product, vapor, looks like smoke but is actually odorless and evaporates extremely quickly.


How do I turn this thing on?

Each electronic cigarette is a bit different in terms of operation, if you’re really stuck it’s recommended that you check the owner’s manual. However, most devices will automatically turn on when the atomizer detects inhaled air flow and flips the battery on. A few models have actual on-off switches, though users should research the pros and cons of this feature before deciding. So no, you don’t need to dig through your pockets for that elusive lighter, these devices use 21st century technology and lithium-ion batteries to eliminate that pesky disposable lighter issue from your life forever.


When do I know it’s time to recharge the battery or replace the cartridge?

Typically you will know that its time to switch something up when your vapor becomes weak and you aren’t getting much out when you inhale. The easiest way to check is simply to watch the light as you inhale. This light isn’t just for neat smoking simulation; it’s most important use is as as your device’s battery level indicator. If the light is blinking when you inhale, than you need to recharge your battery. Simple as that. If you are still unsure, you can check the cartridge to see if it’s used up. Judge by two things: if it’s white and dry or if the fibers look ragged. Simply using your indicator light will save you loads of time on determining which item needs to be replaced.


How often will I have to recharge my E-cig?

With the huge amounts of E-cig varieties out there, battery life fluctuates widely. Once again, read our reviews to find a battery life that suits your lifestyle. If you purchase a starter kit, you won’t have to worry about waiting for a charge, you can use your replacement as your original battery charges. Most batteries, if plugged into a wall charger, will be fully charged after 2 hours once you’ve gone through the one-time initial charge. Wall chargers usually also come with an indicator light that turns green when your battery is recharged.


How much nicotine is in each individual cartridge?

This is an easy one! Basically all brand’s carry cartridges that vary in nicotine content, and they’re labelled with the exact milligram measurement of their nicotine level. They can range anywhere from 0mg to 18mg, a range that any smoker can work with. For comparison’s sake, 6mg nicotine cartridges are the “ultra-light” E-cig equivalent to tobacco cigarette strength and 18mg cartridges are about equal to regular strength tobacco. For those that are looking to quit or just have an oral fixation, the 0mg cartridges are a good way to simulate smoking without nicotine intake.


How do I take care of my device?

Really the only two things you’re going to need to regularly do are: recharge the batteries and replace the cartridges. Cartridges can be purchased online and through this site at very low rates, and batteries don’t need to be physically replaced too often. On extremely rare occassions, the atomizer will break down and be replaced under the warranty. In terms of things to avoid, you’re going to want to keep your E-cig out of extreme heat or cold, as well as out of the water. If you’re concerned about cleanliness, some E-cig models have an atomizer that auto-cleans itself every 1500 inhales. The process takes about 10 seconds and isn’t noticeable by the smoker.


What about that e-liquid stuff? Why and how would I use that?

Many smokers choose to use e-liquid in lieu of purchasing new replacement cartridges all the time. They want cheaper refills, higher nicotine levels or stronger/different flavors than they can find in pre-filled cartridges. Basically it is a liquid composed of propylene glycol base, water and nicotine. It can be added to used up cartridges through the drop or injection method which is done by the user at home. Note: e-liquid use may void the manufacturer’s warranty so make sure you research and make a personal decision on whether to pursue this method. Also, this is a project that requires background, so do your research before trying to inject some random liquids into a used cartridge. Check out reviews on this site for the best e-liquid friendly brands, flavors and ideas.


THE E Cig FAQ Section 3 : Electronic Cigarette Health Questions


Does the chemical Nicotine cause cancer?

Many people still believe that tobacco is cancerous by its nicotine content alone; this has been long proved false and nicotine is almost certainly not believe to cause cancer. However, the word is still out on nicotine’s overall effect on health in the long term. There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to using nicotine, do your research before you decide to pick up the habit.


What about using my E-cig and smoking cigarettes? Can I get nicotine poisoning?

Because electronic cigarettes are a controlled intake method of using nicotine, you aren’t at risk if you are smoking real cigarettes after you buy your E-cig device, unlike with nicotine gum or patches. Some E-cigs come with this great feature that blinks if your nicotine intake is over healthy levels, judging by inhale strength and frequency. Electronic cigarette nicotine levels are actually slightly lower than traditional cigarettes, minimizing nicotine overuse.


Can I use my E-cig while pregnant? If I have a health condition?

No, you can’t. If you’re set on doing this, consult your medical provider for information about nicotine’s effects on unborn children. Perhaps you can try the 0mg cartridges in order to kick the habit until your baby is born, but nicotine is certainly not good for a developing human fetus.


If you have an existing health condition, check with your doctor before you start using nicotine through E-cigs. This tip goes doubly for cardiovascular patients; nicotine can be a major heart risk.


Are electronic cigarettes healther than traditional tobacco?

The FDA does not allow E-cig marketers to use the word “healthy” to describe their product. Despit widespread claims that electronic smoking is a superior habit to the traditional; salespeople and suppliers cannot legally make that claim. Given this, you will have to do your own research to compare the dangers and benefits of both types of smoking before you decide to switch. It is truly a matter of personal belief.


Are electronic cigarettes used for quitting smoking?

Are they used for quitting smoking? Yes. Does the law condone that they be labelled as a nicotine cessation device? No. This claim is the subject of another of the FDA’s pending marketing restrictions on electronic cigarettes. They state that lack of proper research and long-term health effects make labelling it as a quit-smoking device impermissable. However, many e-smokers do in fact use the variable nicotine-level cartridges to create a structured plan to taper off their nicotine intake; they will cut down from 18mg cartridges to 8mg, 4mg, 2mg and finally down to that 0mg cartridge. The beauty of the nicotine-free cartridge is that your mind will heavily correlate the feel of the device, flavor of the vapor and misty goodness of the vapor with nicotine, eliminating a lot of the psychological speedbumps in quitting.


What is nicotine?

Nicotine is a naturally-occurring alkaloid found in many different crop plants: tobacco, eggplant, potatoes, green peppers, tomatoes, etc. One of the positive effects of ingesting this substance is that it creates a feeling of relaxation and alertness in the user. Though it must be said that this substance affects each individual person differently; there are reports of nicotine lasting for either hours or minutes. Additionally, it is agreed upon by experts that nicotine is habit-forming and highly physically addictive. Plants contain natural amounts of the alkaloid but when heated it releases that amount in a higher concentration; so E-cigs and tobacco cigarettes are therefore addictive if abused. Smoking addition stems from the nicotine itself.


Did we miss your question? It is more than possible a topic is relevant now that didn't exist at the time of publishing so this, THE definitive E CIG FAQ, is and should always be assumed to be a work in progress – though hopefully the most complete one and useful one you'll find anywhere.

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