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Posted on: 2013/11/18 | Filed under: E Cig

The advent of electronic cigarettes has been helping large mass of smokers to quit smoking. With the greater response to the electronic device, e-cigarettes are now the leading alternative to conventional cigarettes. Its popularity is growing largely among people increasing its sales rate to millions. Because of this colossal public demand for e-cigarettes, the production of e-cigs has been raised. This has brought a new scope of opportunity in the business industry and hence, many manufacturer brands have entered the e-cigarette competition market. Starting from the fashionable look of the e-cigarettes even the technology inside is varying from brand to brand.
This extensive collection of e-cigarettes of different brands has created confusion for the buyers to decide which brand e-cig is most suitable for them. User should have knowledge and understanding about the different brands of e-cigarettes and its own features and significance to make the right decision and enjoy vaping. Hence, comparison of e-cigarette brands is very essential to determine which is better based on overall performance.
Difference in performance
E-cigarettes are electronic device which has different parts including cartridge, atomizer and battery. The durability and quality of these three parts are very important for better performance of e-cigarette. Its quality and battery life differs from brand to brand. For any electronic component it is essential that it has long life span and great performance and hence to maintain both standards, e-cigarettes should be technically strong and just appearance wise. For an instance, V2 cigs is one of the most leading e-cigarette brands because it has the longer battery life and also its kit comes with more number of cartridges than others. As the operation of V2 cigs is perfect, right amount of vapor is produced and the cartridges last long. There are brands such as Njoy, Costco and others that do not offer more cartridges and also their battery span is less as compared to V2 E-cigs.
Difference in flavors
Initially when the electronic cigarettes were developed it did not have many options on the ingredients that could be used in them. The main constituent was nicotine liquid which was filled in the cartridge. With nicotine, flavor of tobacco was also added so that the feel and taste of vapor remains same as tobacco cigarettes for the comfort of the user. However to make the feel of vaping more exciting there have been various flavors and additives added to the list of options for the users. To maintain the significance of brand, the manufacturers are giving a touch of unique flavor to their e-cigarettes by making different chemical composition to bring out the taste. The more one pleases customer`s taste, the more increases the selling rate.
The different cartridges flavor that are offered by V2 Cigs are tobacco, cappuccino, menthol, vanilla, coffee, cherry and many others. Hence, V2 Cigs gives the user most amazing experience of taste while vaping. On the other hand, Costco e-cigarettes and many other brands give the taste of burnt rubber in every puff. V2 Cigs are also cost effective as compared to other e-cigarette brands.

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