E Cigs Smoking Cessation Study Challenges FDA

Posted on: 2012/07/20 | Filed under: Vaping

Electronic cigarettes can be used as smoking cessation tools according to new research

Stop Smoking Electronic Cigarette

New research published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice, undertaken by J. Fouls, a professor at Penn State University, College of Medicine, Cancer Institute, states that doing so could have a negative impact on any health gains realized. There are fewer, if any, health risks involved with using e-cigs as opposed to using traditional cigarettes, and they have the potential of providing a huge health benefit. Despite this, the FDA and other anti-smoking groups still hold the position that electronic cigarettes are harmful to health.

In direct contrast to FDA recommendations, suggesting that those who use electronic cigarettes should abandon them in favor of smoking cessation products that have been approved by the FDA. 

The FDA has not approved electronic cigarettes as smoking cessation products. In April, 2001, they were classified as a tobacco product by the administration. Now, according to an increasing amount of evidence based on surveys, smokers are utilizing e-cigs to successfully stops smoking. Most of these people had used FDA-approved nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) in the past without success. This is the major motivating factor for beginning the use of e-cigs, particularly for those who have smoked for a long time. What may be even more important, the reason that the e-cig seems to be so effective in helping those who wish to quit smoking is that it is very similar to cigarette smoking but does not include the hazards of inhaled tobacco smoke. In fact, evidence shows that many people who utilize e-cigs totally replace their cigarettes with e-cigs. The same cannot be said for any gums, drugs or patches that have been approved by the FDA.

Toxins In Traditional Tobacco Cigarettes Not In E Cigs
Toxins In Traditional Tobacco Cigarettes That Are Not In E Cigs

As strange as it may seem, organizations who protect and promote health, such as the American Cancer Society (AC), the FDA and the American Lung Association (ALA), are claiming that the use of electronic cigarettes carries risks, but they do not cite any substantial research or evidence to support their claims. Their claim is that the safety of electronic cigarettes has not been scientifically proved and that it is not safe to use them instead of cigarettes. But they continue to recommend that people who wish to stop smoking utilize the NRTs that have approved by the FDA, options that are felt to be acceptable permanent substitutes for smoking!

But the same amount of tobacco-specific nitrosamines (carcinogens) is contained in the highest daily dose of e-cig liquid as is found in a one-day supply of the nicotine patch approved by the FDA. While it was originally thought to be a miracle drug, Chantix can cause adverse effects, such as depression and thoughts of suicide. Because of this, the Department of Defense and the Federal Aviation Administration stipulate that any personnel who fly aircraft or are missile crew members not use the drug. Plus, none of the NTRs that have been approved by the FDA deal with the hand-to-mouth gesture, an important factor in cigarette smoking. Even so, thy continue to recommend them instead of other smokeless tobacco options. 

Factual information should be provided by public health experts with regard to the risks involved with electronic cigarettes and NTRs that have been approved by the FDA. The American Cancer Society issues warnings like “no scientific evidence exists to suggest that [WPMSHOT key=”e-cigarette” url=”http://whitesmokereview.com/”]s are safe or that they can aid people who smoke to quit” are half-truths designed to mislead. Although no product is totally safe, warnings from the ACS, FDA and ALA frequently lead one to believe that using Vapor Cigs poses more health risks than using tobacco cigarettes, and that is not the case. In his research, Penn State Professor J. Foulds, maintains that “for people who have been successful in substituting e-cigs for tobacco cigarettes, the priority should be to continue avoiding tobacco cigarettes.” The recommendation that smokers who have made the switch to electronic cigarettes switch to an FDA-approved NTR could cause serious health consequences.

E Cig Not Approved as NRT Nicotine Replacement Therapy The unique and distinct advantage that e-cigarettes possess is that they permit smokers to use a device that can successfully address psychological issues, nicotine withdrawal and behavioral issues that stand in the way of quitting smoking. Because evidence suggests that most people who utilized e-cigarettes were able to at least cut down on the number of tobacco cigarettes they smoked, it is possible that if e-cigarettes are found to be safe, they may help reduce harm, especially to those smokers who have tried the pharmaceutical smoking-cessation options that are currently available and have found that they do not work.


Note from TheCig.net adminI've been utilizing e-cigarettes exclusively for 4 years now, following a ten-year daily dependency on one-to-two packs of tobacco cigarettes and certainly speaking from my own experience I agree with the conclusions made by the study and share similar views to what is implied in the results – this 'harm reduction' philosophy coupled with how effective e-cigs really are make them a logical choice for smokers/ex-smokers like me who don't have a plan to stop 'vaping' but at this stage have no desire whatever to smoke tobacco again.

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