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Frequently Asked Questions on Electronic Cigarette


What Are Electronic Cigarettes?


The electronic cigarette is a relatively new concept and alternative to smoking.  It looks like a regular cigarette and even has a LED tip that lights up when you inhale on the device. It was originally made in China but soon found a new home in countries like the United States. There, it improved and became much safer to use.  The main reason to want to use an electronic cigarette is the elimination of thousands of harmful elements used in regular cigarettes, thus making it safer.


What is vaping?


Vaping is the counterpart of smoking . One who uses the electronic cigarette or e-cig is known to vape instead of smoke. The reason for this word is because instead of smoke being inhaled and exhaled, it’s water-based nicotine vapor. The vapor also contain glycerin and flavoring since electronic cigarette companies have introduced flavors other than tobacco and menthol.


How does one get started?


Electronic cigarette come in starter kits. The starter kit contains all the items you would need or want. There are different models of starter kits per brand. The lower-priced kit just have the basics: battery, e-cig, 5 cartridges, manual, and wall/USB chargers. As you go up the price ladder, you will notice extra features or accessories.


How would you explain the experience of vaping?


Vaping is smooth with a strong throat hit one gets from smoking but with more finesse.  There different techniques in vaping depending on whether you are using a manual or automatic battery. However, usually after switching on the electronic cigarette. Wait a split second before inhaling. This allows the e-cig to heat up the nicotine solution and makes for a much more pleasant experience.


Tell me about the flavors


All companies that manufacturer or sell electronic cigarettes have their list of wonderful flavors. Most flavors range from fruity to the unexpected. For instance, there is usually apple, strawberry, caffeine, chocolate, vanilla, and a citrus flavor. Naturally, there’s also light, regular, and heavy tobacco as well as menthol.  The flavors are subjective, and each one would have his or her favorites. You just need to try all of them to find your special pet flavors.


What is e-liquid or e-juice?


This is the nicotine solution which is mixed with water, flavor, and glycerin. It’s the glycerin that can produce the vapor. Vapor on the other hand is not hot, quit the opposite, in fact.


Depending on the brand you buy, you can either refill your cartridges with the e-juice, or buy new cartridges. The difference between pre-filled and refillable is the convenience, price, and mess. Also, it’s imperative that the refill bottles be kept out of reach of young children. Pre-fill cartridges, if not bought from a good brand may have the problem of leaking. Thus, since you’ll be saving more, you can probably afford to buy a good brand to make sure it won’t leak.


What’s the difference between a 2 piece e-cig and a 3-piece e-cig?


Originally, all electronic cigarettes were composed of 3 parts: atomizer, cartridge, and battery. The 2-part design is a later version that combines the atomizer and cartridge into one part : cartomizer. At the moment, one is not better than the other except in terms of convenience. It’s a matter of personal choice which design to get.

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