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Get the Best Vapor Cigarette with the Top Four Brands

Not all electronic cigarettes are the same, and just because a brand has a huge following doesn't mean it is the best vapor cigarette. Also, price doesn't determine the best. The only way to determine the best is to get recommendations and/or check them out. Personal tastes vary, so only you can decide if it is the best or not.
Factors to Consider
There are several factors to consider when evaluating the best vapor cigarette. Some of these are:
•    The ease of use
•    The look of actually smoking
•    Strong vapor
•    Flavors

These factors all combine to make the best choice. Ease of use varies. Some have only two parts to worry about. Another is the look of actual smoking. The action of hand to mouth satisfies that need. But, a good strong vapor gives a better feel of actual smoking. Not all have the same amount of vapor. Then, of course, there is the aspect of flavors. A good variety means you can get what appeals to you. Some want the taste of coffees, candies, and menthol. Others just want that tobacco flavor.

1) Smoke Stik


SmokeStik Vapor Cigarettes

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The first electronic cigarette we will consider for the best vapor cigarette is Smoke Stik. Customers across the board praise them for their excellent customer service and support. They are touted to have a customer service policy that is unmatched by any other company. They are acclaimed to go beyond the expected in their response to customer questions and needs.
Though it doesn't make SmokeStik the best vapor cigarette, it is significant that it is the one most used and recognized by Hollywood celebrities. Though for the most part, they could choose any electronic cigarette they want, regardless to cost, most choose Smoke Stik. That says something for their quality and ease of use.
One thing that puts SmokeStik on the top ecigarette list, which most other companies don't have, is the interchangeable nature of it cartomizers and batteries. Any battery and any cart are compatible. Most other brands have only one battery for each cartomizer, which is troublesome for that person who wants variety and must thus carry lots of equipment with them.

2) South Beach Smoke


SmokeStik Vapor Cigs

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Next on our 'best vapor cigarette' list is South Beach Smoke. Its unique feature is the silicone tip on the mouthpiece. This prevents leakage of the juice, a common problem with other brands. Also, where some brands have only three strengths, this one has four. This gives a more customized smoke. The South Beach Smoke has a patented technology system, VaporMax® that is not found on most other brands. It provides a smooth, flavorful draw, with maximum vapor. This gives a more enjoyable experience that is most like smoking.
Another, special thing that puts South Beach Smoke on the best vapor cigarette list is their disposable electronic cigarette. It is one piece, preassembled, and conveniently operates with a simple pull tab. It has many of the features of the more complicated electronic cigarettes with multiple pieces. It has a single-hole draw for maximum vapor, and is leak proof. One disposable equates to approximately a pack and a half of cigarettes.
South Beach Smoke offers two grades, for the best vapor cigarette experience. Their three part premium grade has a separate atomizer that stays with the battery, meaning a clean smoke every time, and less expense for use. The deluxe grade has the atomizer and flavor cartridge/mouthpiece as an all-in-one. It is much more convenient, and includes, in it starter kits, chargers and carrying cases that make it always operable and at hand for your enjoyment. Included car chargers mean you can stay charged even away from home.



3) [WPMSHOT key=”[WPMSHOT key=”V2 Cig” url=””]s” url=””]

The third brand of the top four on our favorite vapor cigarette list is [WPMSHOT key=”V2 Cigs” url=””] – however on updating this list in late October 2012 when i write this V2 has rolled out improvements to their already awesome offering multiple times over this year – making them a surefire bet as a top pick that you really can't go wrong with (and I would include their 'sister' brand Vapor Couture, and 'little brother' Vantage Vapor – a fantastic value brand a good 20% or so cheaper then V2 Cigs namesake but which is also based on kr808d-1 and made by V2, Vantage Vapor i find performs just as well – just with significantly fewer options of all kinds, flavors and battery types being 2 primary examples – but they are a GREAT place to start then make the move to V2 Cigs later).


V2 Cigs is our #1 rated brand and is pretty much a 'cant lose' proposition – at this point in 2012 at least they lead the pack – use coupon EVAPE15 for 15% off kits, or EVAPE10 for 10% off anything and everything!

With V2 Cigs, you get:
•    The lowest guaranteed prices
•    Fast, free shipping
•    A UNBEATABLE replacement lifetime warranty, top customer support and superior quality standards (due to their growth in size and success, V2 have been able to grow both their efficiency and quality with V2 now completely running their own 4 full factories and quality control facilities, something the brand takes VERY seriously. Where many brand's products come as OEM re-labelled versions from the same factory that is making the same item – with a giant range of quality (i've tried at least 15 very different kr808d-1 'generic' and 'brand' versions)

The easy drag system, plus a good flavor selection means added vaping pleasure at a low cost. Each one equates to approximately one and three-quarters packs of traditional cigarettes, so mean a huge savings over the cost of smoking.

One unique factor of this brand is it batch testing and reporting. They test each batch and make the report available to you, based on batch number. This insures the purity of each batch, and the freedom from and additives or chemicals that should not be included. Another unique plus with V2 Cigs is their website. It is very interactive, and allows you to custom design you very own starter pack. The site presents your kit as you build it with the strengths, flavors, looks, and lengths that you want. This prevents your having to buy a kit that has components you may never use.

4) Smoke Tip


SmokeTip Brand Vapor Cigarette

SmokeTip Brand Vapor Cigarette – sorry we don't have any coupon codes at present

The best vapor cigarette list would not be complete without including the Smoke Tip brand. These are not necessarily one of the top brands in numbers of sales, but are important just the same. They are great for those on a tight budget. They are one of the most inexpensive electronic cigarettes. The starter kit doesn't come with chargers, but chargers are sold by the company for car, USB, and wall charging. Though it only offers fourteen flavors and four strengths, it should still provide the user who is on a budget the means to get what they want at a price they can afford. The lifetime warranty on its battery is another money saver. It is 100% guaranteed to operate as long as the cartridges last. Each third cartridge order comes with spare batteries, so you never have a time without a battery. In fact, you may end up with an excess. Also, with each order, you get a spare atomizer, so you always have a clean smoke.

This best choices top vapor cigarette brands list may not contain the biggest names and in some cases not the best selling ones either – though after passing 1 million customers V2 Cigs is right at the top, and we are thrilled to see both quality and mass success in their case (yes green smoke and blu are missing for good reason, among others who deliver better marketing than vapor in our opinion). But, big is not always best.
Sometimes, the small, quiet runners up have the most, and at least, comparable value – and some great ones necessarily aren't on this list, you'll need to read more of our site to get a really detailed scope of what's out there. Most brands offer to have the ability to order just one, or a sampler of flavors, so it is possible to cheaply check them out and find what works for you at the least cost necessary. V2's recently added V2 Cigs Express Kit for example – which is eligible for 15% coupon code (EVAPE15) and retails at about $25 – as it includes a full proper battery, cart and charger it is a much better investment then a disposable when you want the real experience!

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