Intro To Clearomizers

Posted on: 2013/01/13 | Filed under: Carts & Refills

Excellent Clearomizers for 808d-1 Threading From Smokeless ImageThere is a lot of change happening around the world, where people are taking a lot more attention on issues of health, and turning away from things that pose to be a danger to their health. Smoking is an activity that has been there for a vary long time and despite the fact that it is a hazard to people’s health, the level of addiction to tobacco is unusually high, leading to people continuing with their smoking habit despite the danger. Technology has played a vital role in ensuring that the addicted smoker continues to enjoy the pleasure of smoking while eliminating the danger thereof.

The invention of electronic cigarettes, of [WPMSHOT key=”e-cigarette” url=””]s as they are commonly referred to as, has eliminated the harmful effects that the smoke from the cigarette poses. The cigarettes are divided into cartomizers and Clearomizers, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Excellent Smokeless Image VOLTx2 Clearomizer "TANKS" - One Of Our Favorite

The Clearomizer is famous among very many people since unlike other electronic cigarettes; it has the capacity to hold a lot of liquid. The Clearomizer also has an exceptionally attractive appeal and makes the smoker feel terrific while using the cigarette. In order to refill the e-cigarette with its juice, a syringe is provided for this task, and use of any other method may pose a possibility of breaking it. The user must remove the seal, which is usually black in color, and then another clear seal, which exposes the holes where the Clearomizer is filled through.

Before taking a puff, the user should give the e-liquid some time to wick all the way to the coil. Taking the first draw of the Clearomizer fills the mouth with a lot of vapor and the smoking experience begins. Another advantage in using these cigarettes is that they allow the user to smoke different flavors just by deciding the juice they will fill up their Clearomizer with.

The user must be careful to note that, since the e-cigarette holds a lot of juice, it also leads to the consumption of a lot of juice. Therefore, to have a long smoking session, one must be prepared to fill it up or if required for a weekend trip or longer, carrying some juice with you will ensure that the smoker keep at it for as long as they like. Since the process of filling in the cigarette requires a bit of removal, and replacement of parts, some of them can start to cause a leakage or pop out. If the user is not careful, the clear plastic will crack, and the user can spill the juice everywhere.

An advantage that the Clearomizer have over the cartomizers e-cigarettes is the fact that the user does not have to keep filling in and replacing cartridges. The point where people complain about the product is where they claim that it the flavors from the Clearomizer do not give them the expected effect. In addition, the refilling process can be a bit tedious and using it for a long time might make the cigarette break.

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