Quit Smoking Electronic Cigarette

Posted on: 2013/06/19 | Filed under: Vaping

Can One Really Quit Smoking With The Electronic Cigarette


Without intending for it to happen, [WPMSHOT key=”electronic cigarette brand” url=”http://ecigarette-brands.com/”]s have been successful in several with those trying to quit the habit. The main objective of electronic cigarette is to provide a better alternative to traditional smokes. Enterprising folks have found a  way to use these electronic cigarettes to help them quit. Kudos to them for bringing it out into the open and sharing their secret. Now, everyone can consider quitting their addiction to nicotine in a more pleasant less jarring method.


Before you can think of being successful in quitting your habit, you need to understand how electronic cigarette work. A brief explanation would be that e-cigs are battery-operated inventions that do not have the kind of chemicals and toxins that one gets when smoking traditional cigarettes. These are the carcinogens and tar that can cause your lungs to turn black and smoker’s cough to be a permanent fixture in your life. All these electronic cigarettes takes away. It doesn’t happen overnight but over time, you will start feeling better with more energy. One example would be that you can start running or jogging and not run out of breath. You can go dancing all night long, and not be breathless on the first hour, and you can kiss the person you love without smelling like an ashtray.


This brings us to the issue of pollution. Traditional cigarettes burn and the cigarette stick turn to ashes. Pollution factor number 1. The smoke is number 2 and the cigarette butt is 3rd strike. None of this happens with the electronic cigarette. The “stick” is reusable and all you need to replace is the part that carries the nicotine solution. The “stick” is not made of paper so no trees have to be cut to make them. Based on just these two factors, you know you have a winner device.


The nicotine solution mentioned earlier is made of just a sprinkling of ingredients. Unlike regular cigarettes with their tens of toxic ingredients, electronic cigarettes only have nicotine, water, propylene glycol, and flavoring. Not one of these can kill you.


To try quitting your habit you can switch from traditional to electronic until you get the hang of the electronic cigarette device. Once this happens, you will be ready to play the quitting game. Most electronic cigarette brands have levels of nicotine content in their cartridges. This merely means you can choose how much nicotine you want in your e-cig. Most brands start at zero content which means it’s basically water and flavoring turned into vapor. This nicotine content is great for those who have managed to kick the habit but want to feel something in their hands.


To quit, start at a level you are used to. They range from 24 mg all the way down to zero mg. Then, slowly adjust the cartridge so you are inhaling less nicotine. It will take time and one can experience a relapse, but if you stick with your plan to quit, you can do it. The best electronic cigarette will be your saving grace because you will start to experience a healthier lifestyle.


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