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v2cigs__80674A couple of years ago (yes it’s only really been that long!) when V2 Cigs had first launched – way way back in 2009 :) there was some talk of a new vendor buzzing about the ecig community – and it wasn’t all good. People thought the product was solid (really good in fact), it was the rest of the stuff that people look for in a good supplier – in particular shipping and support – where the complaints were focused on. 

It was true and indeed V2 had a problem, one that isn’t as common and some would argue a good kind of problem; but one that if not solved quickly would have destroyed the brand’s reputation and business: V2 Cigs was simply too popular.

Despite planning and high hopes – along with proper business expertise and the expected need to scale up quick, V2 E Cigs growth simply exceeded their own sales expectations… by quite a bit!


New companies that become more successful than they had been able to prepare for often find the problems they face to be a logistics bottleneck in the supply chain – which was true with V2.

It takes a savvy and nimble company to navigate correcting such issues while staying on top of customer support, public relations and ultimately finding a permanent long-term solution that scales well, rather than just a band-aid solution (that in a worst case could risk lowering the product quality or causing other problems).



V2 rose to the challenge and all of this is now basically ancient history, at least in terms of the market leadership position V2 Cigs enjoy in 2013 (and frankly have had for well over a year).

It’s easy to forget today with well over a million loyal customers and the smoothest running operation in the industry (after a stellar year in 2012 and growth exceeding rates of even the e-cigarette industry as a whole) it is clear how popular the brand now is – beating all others by and wide margin.


The types of growing pains experienced by V2 are often seen in companies that go on to make it in a big way – (though even more who spectacularly flop).

In retrospect it can be seen as an early and critical test, one passed with flying colors, and evidence of the kind of pro team behind the upstart. The way to measure a company is how well they overcome such challenges; the fact that V2 Cigs were able to get things stabalized and running smoothly quite quickly – and have been on a path of growth, constant improvement and fanatical attention to all areas of their brand and business (from their product line, packaging and even launch of 2 sibling brands – Vapor Couture and Vantage Vapor, through to the best customer support, web order customization interface and streamlined shipping) V2 Cigs seem to have never dropped the ball again to date in any serious way. In fact they have done nothing but grow and scale like crazy! n







Today V2 Cigs can with confidence be described as the most professionally run company in the business – and the success V2 E Cigarettes have had is a testament to the quality of management and strategic decision making savvy of the brand. The common theme you can clearly see driving those decisions is evidence of a company looking at the longer term; by always putting the customer experience first.

V2 Cigs has started with making sure the number one thing – their products – are the absolute best possible (an ongoing process). That might sound obvious but it is amazing to me what other brands, including big ones – Green Smoke, NJOY, Blu Cigs etc. – all of these e-cigarette brands are today selling a product that has hardly improved – if at all – from that of several years ago.





The result is outdated tech, far too short battery life (blu cigs in particular) and overall very underwhelming in the elusive yet clitical area I’ll call ‘Satisfaction’. After all, what is the average smoker looking for in an E-Cigarette – an alternative to tobacco that still satisfies in the same ways, and with existing technology that is only possible with extreme attention to optimizing each component to maintain a ‘cigarette-like’ size and approximate appearance — while both squeezing as much power from a small battery as possible and finding the optimal ‘cartomizer’ design and atomizer ‘resistance’ (the heating coil inside each cart) to instantly deliver rich and thick vapor users want.

The concept and basic way ecigs work might be a simple one – but getting it to actually work really well, then making sure manufacturing standards are able to reproduce in huge quantity the components to CONSISTENTLY deliver that same level of satisfaction isn’t simple. It’s a challenge however that V2 Cigs has excelled at meeting… with regular product updates and refinements to the V2 product line that have continued to deliver better more consistent results than any other ecig brand in America…. and making sure things like brand image, packaging and user guides, customer support, the best warranty in the business, amazing flavors and plenty of other personalization options – while still making ordering intuitive and easy


v2cigs-shadowboxThat same buzz – the internet spreading ‘word of mouth’ variety that is so important in a competitive, ‘disruptive innovation’ type of rapidly-growing market such as electronic cigarettes certainly were back then in 2009, could have knocked V2 right off the playing field.

Electronic ‘Smoking’ – or more accurately Vaping – as an industry is still in that rapid growth phase – and because the more ‘accepted’ vapor cigarettes become, the more the disruptive the movement becomes (and it wouldn’t be called disruptive if it didn’t piss off and threaten some big powerful people and companies who liked things how they were) indeed, 2013 has already seen it’s share of special interest groups, and other often Mal-informed ‘entities’ push hard to halt or severely limit ecigs.

This however is also a sign of what a big deal ecigs have become (some estimates put the USA current user number at upwards of 5-8 million), not bad when just a few years ago that number, however accurate, was certainly in the lower hundreds of thousands. As mentioned V2 Cigs passed their 1 Millionth customer last summer (2012) – now about 8 months ago as I write this.


Though i don’t know exact figures that number has most certainly gone up (and in a non linear, exponential way) as more and more smokers across America have been increasingly introduced through media coverage, Blu Cigs (now NJOY and Courtney Love have a new ad out) all of which is likely contributing to the wave of interest in a product line that fulfills a need so well; personally i believe too many users – some very vocal and with a loud presence and stage to speak from if it comes to a head (I am thinking about celebrities, politicians, all sorts of people now either themselves or a loved one  has had a positive direct experience with electronic smoking in some way.


(and still are – though now entering a new phase in that growth; as public awareness levels have risen dramatically, big-budget tv ads are broadcast and big tobacco has begun entering the fray with the Lorillard Blu Cigs purchase and Reynold’s set to release their own first ‘vapor cig’ soon this year).




V2 Cigs Are the Best Choice E-Cigarette In 2013v2cigs-mega-prizes1

V2 is a start-up that’s not too different from Silicon Valley start-ups. Hardworking, dedicated people are making a product that tries to find a better version of an old product. Cigarettes have been around for hundreds of years with little change since the pre-rolled packs revolutionized the industry. Now e-cigarettes are set to change the industry again, by increasing the quality of product, making it the same consistent taste and feeling every time, and making it more cost-effective than ever.

The folks at V2 design and build all of their products in-house.

Nothing is repackaged, pre-made, or unoriginal — everything comes straight from them to you. Each piece of the product, from the atomizer to the flavor cartridge, is meticulously tested far above industry standards and put through rigorous quality control. Each and every thing you buy from V2 is guaranteed to work perfectly straight from the box, every time.



The people at V2 are dedicated to their product, making sure that the smart smoker will find great new features of the product — quality design, a healthier habit, and an amazing ease of use — without missing any of the downsides of traditional cigarettes, like being restricted in where they might be used, the costs that are always adding up, and the smoke and tar. e-cigarettes are cigarettes 2.0, and within that field, V2 is doing everything they can to make their customers happy.

Not long after being so overwhelmed with orders that they couldn’t meet demand, V2 is now a well-oiled machine in the industry, leading the way by showing their competitors how to make an e-cig that just works.

People know quality in a product when they see it. e-cigarette consumers are a notoriously difficult sector of the market to please. E-cigarettes have to pass the test when compared to traditional cigarettes, a product that has been refined over hundreds of years and is imbued with the traditions of generations of farmers and producers.

When compared to old-fashioned cigarettes, V2 has done astonishingly well. People who have tried every kind of e-cigarette V2 E-cigarettes have become? Check their website rankings: Alexa.com measures the web in its entirety to see which sites are the most visited. Search for “e-cigarette” and you get thousands of results — but the top result is for V2.

Created By Ex-Smokers

V2 was created by a group of ex-smokers who know exactly what they want in a product. In fact, the only reason that they are ex-smokers is because they discovered something better out there: the vaporizing puff of e-cigarettes. After finding the better option and instantly switching, the V2 founders discovered that every product was falling short of their hopes. Instead of waiting for a new product to come along, they made sure that it came along by creating and designing the V2 themselves.

Because they know the benefits of e-cigarettes over old-fashioned cigarettes, they want to spread the word about their product as far as they can, and help current smokers find something for them. To that end, they have generous promotional coupons available for anyone who is interested in trying this new product.

Old-fashioned cigarettes are well-known to have hundreds of carcinogens, chemicals, and other compounds that are dangerous to the human body. Compare those to e-cigarettes, a product with only one active ingredient: pure nicotine. You’ll be safer and healthier with e-cigarettes, not to mention the lack of ashy clean-up, yellow walls and ceilings, and the acrid smoke smell suck to your clothes at all times. Instead, you’ll have a little futuristic cigarette that lets you enjoy your cigarette wherever you are, without having to go out in the cold weather just to have a smoke. Your non-smoker friends will be much happier to not be around smoke, and you’ll be more welcome than ever to smoke in someone’s home.


The V2 Electronic Cigarette & Manufacturing Product Quality

The V2 is the highest quality e-cigarette I have ever seen or used. The build of the cigarette itself is quite high; it’s a good looking piece of technology, but it’s also durable and it functions very efficiently. The cartridges used by the cigarette are also incredibly pleasant. The cartridges are liquid refill based, so instead of a burst of hot air with your nicotine does, you have a pleasant and cool vapor with a unique taste based on your flavor. Those features make the V2 a quality machine, but it doesn’t end there. They have an excellent set of accessories, customizable starter kits that you can make on their website, and customer service and product guarantees that can’t be matched by any competitor out there.


  • Research and development is one of the largest sectors of the company. V2 is not a one trick pony, but a dynamic and creative company that changes and adjusts everything they put out, so that they are constantly improving their products and exploring new features and flavors. V2 is a company that’s built to last and move with the market, so you know that they’ll be around when you want a replacement part or have a question about the product, even years down the line. 
  • Other e-cigarette companies have tried to gain customers by gimmicks instead of quality. Many brands have advertising budgets that are the largest part of their company’s investments. Marketing can’t make a good product, and advertisements don’t make satisfied customers.
  • These companies are using the same designs and technologies that they are using 3 or even 4 years ago, using massive production budgets to make the same item for years at a time without responding to changes in technology, the industry, or customer desires. As a result, people who try these major e-cigarettes end up unimpressed and stick with their traditional tobacco cigarettes, despite the cost and health consequences that could be avoided with the cheaper, higher quality V2.
  • Everything about the V2 is made to help the user have the best experience possible. The user experience is uniquely simple: product set up and maintenance is so easy that you’ll be using your device within seconds of getting the package. The quality of the production is so high that you can be certain that the device you use will work the same every time, and be completely compatible with every other V2 product of a similar design. It’s quality, it’s convenient, and it’s satisfying.


V2 Cigs Standas Out Because Of Focus On The V2 User Experience

  • V2 is a company founded by former smokers, and it shows. They know that the last thing that someone with a nicotine habit or hobby wants is to have an unpredictable, mysterious product for them to use. They want quality, ease of use, and the taste and feeling of smoking a tobacco cigarette without the attendant health risks and social stigma of tobacco smoke sticking to their clothes.
  • That’s why V2 has placed an utmost premium on user experience. No company can change the fact that electronic cigarettes are a new and mysterious product to most potential customers. They can, however, make sure that any potential customers will have all of their questions or concerns answered by a knowledgeable staff, to make sure that they make the transition easily and use their devices to their maximum potential. The customer service of the V2 staff is impressive and they are extremely easy to reach over chat, email, or the phone. Every person you’ll talk to is trained in every aspect, and can explain anything you’d need to low in the adjustment phase and during the slight learning curve that any new product requires. If you have an issue or technical concern, you can rest assured in the fact that someone will answer your inquiry quickly and in the most helpful manner possible.
  • Unfortunately, this is an unusual feature in e-cigarette companies. Even the closest competitors to the V2 in product quality don’t have the customer service to back up their products. That means that they lose potential repeat customers, and people who want to take up e-smoking instead oaf tobacco smoking are left without the help they need. If you value customer service, and we all do, V2 is the best company for you. 
  • Even the process of ordering a product is extremely easy and geared to the customer. Your shipping options are very flexible and fair, the packaging is professional and discreet, and there are clear instructions and safety explanations included which can help you find your answers and know your products at any time. Too many e-cigarette companies have valued sales over satisfaction, and many fail to even give instructions to show how their products work. V2 has been a leader in the field for many reasons, but user experience is the reason that the company remains so strong and why people come back to them again and again.


Just how easy is the delivery process? V2 actually has a unique delivery partnership with UPS itself. The U.S. Postal Service used to be the only delivery option for e-cigarettes. That meant that customers had to wait for a long time to receive a package, even tough V2 would get them in the mail as fast as they could. V2 fixed that by working directly with UPS. This unique partnership was only possible because UPS knew that V2 was a responsible, trustworthy company and worthy of a guarantee to deliver their products.





E-Cigarette Batteries


You have so many options available for the V2 cigarette that it would be daunting, if the ordering design wasn’t so easy and efficient. For batteries, you have two size choices: there is the “shorty” battery, which is 100mm; there’s the standard battery, which is 110mm; and there’s the long battery, which is 140mm. That’s not all the options for batteries, ether. Within each of those size categories, you have a choice of automatic or manual batteries. With automatic batteries, inhaling automatically starts the battery and gives you a vaporized puff instantly. For the manual batteries, you press a button instead of inhaling to activate the vaporization. Both kinds work equally well, so choice is a mere matter of preference and how you think you would prefer to smoke. Manual batteries are claimed by some to create a thicker vapor, while automatic batteries are incredibly convenient to use.


Of course, you can buy one of each design and see what type of battery you like more. The important thing is that V2 gives you a choice and helps each user choose their own design. Most e-cig companies don’t provide any options: all you have to choose from is the default that the company prefers. V2 feels that the choice of battery should be left to the customer, not the company. Battery prices range from $20 to $30 depending on the length that you desire; these batteries are backed by a lifetime warranty and will be replaced for free by V2 as needed. Consider that a serious smoker could get through $30 in lighters pretty easily in a year, while a single battery purchase combined with the lifetime warranty will cover your product forever. That’s a deal if there’s ever been one. These batteries are also cutting edge: the 4.2 volt battery is the best on the market, and will provide you with many thick vaporizations on each charge.



Starter Kits


One of the few drawbacks of e-cigarettes is that they have a few pieces to them. That means that you need to get a few products together before you can use the device, leading to the common starter kits across the market. V2 knows that starter kits are the way that most of their potential customers will use to determine product and technology quality, so they do everything possible to make these starter kits excellent for each user. Most companies have stock starter kits: they throw together a few components from a few companies, box them up, and put it in the mail. That means that nothing is meant to work together, it’s inefficient, and the user is unhappy.


V2 is about as different as it can be. Every element of the product is made and designed in-house, and everything is built to work together perfectly. That means that they can make the best products possible, but they can also be responsible for every element of the device and answer every question you might have. Starter kits, and e-cigarette systems, are generally three things: battery, cartridges, and e-liquids. A basic starter kit is available with a charger, a battery of your choosing, and some cartridges. The products in this starter kit are all of the best quality. The batteries are an attractive matte finish, each product has a handsome and modern V2 style finish, and the cartridges have low resistance to make each draw easy and fulfilling. For the cost of a starter kit, you’ll get a great e-cigarette, amazing flavors, and the best support around.


Cartridge Options


E-cigarettes work very simply. A small cartridge of nicotine is placed into the cigarette, and a precise heating element vaporizes an exactly measured quantity of nicotine. It’s a simply design, but it’s a hard one to execute perfectly. The cigarette can’t be too large, of course, or it would no longer be recognizable. At the same time, it can’t look too much like an old-fashioned cigarette, or someone might try to stop you from using one in a bar. The metal design can’t be too thick, or it will be unwieldy; it can’t be too thin, or the heating element might be too hot to use. V2 falls in just the right zone for every category: it’s a substantial, serious-feeling device that looks enough like an old-fashioned cigarette without being mistaken for one, and it vaporizes your nicotine perfectly every time without being too hot to hold.


The cartridges have a range of flavors to cover every smoker out there. Many e-cigarette companies go with the route taken by supermarkets making generic soda: there are 25 kinds, all okay, but none are truly good. V2 takes the quality route instead of the quantity one.


There are a couple main groups of flavors for cartridges: Specialty, Cool Menthol, and Rich Tobacco. Rich tobacco flavors have the smoky, toasted flavor of a traditional cigarette without any of the smoking or tar. Your lungs will thank you, but so will your mouth, as these delicate but strong flavors are invited in for a taste.


The flavors in the rich tobacco category are: Congress, V2 Red, Sahara, Menthol, Cool Menthol, and Peppermint. For anyone who is looking for a different experience from e-cigarettes, one that they could never get from a traditional cigarette, there are the specialty flavors. These speciality flavors are: Vanilla, Cola, Coffee, Chocolate, and Cherry. With the speciality flavors, you can taste the rich, dark flavors of coffee, chocolate, or cola to replace the distinct flavor of tobacco. You could also have an entirely different type of taste: the lighter, sweeter flavor of vanilla or cherry.


V2 doesn’t stand still, though, and flavors will expand over time. Keep in mind though, V2 won’t just put anything out on the market. They take pride on their products and test everything extensively before selling it, so while flavor development will take a while, you’re guaranteed to get something quality when it’s ready. In addition to the flavors listed before, there’s a bit of a surprise, secret flavor available now: Passion Fruit. Passion Fruit is a special edition flavor, and it’s available in a five pack for a limited time for only $9.95.





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These are some of the many benefits of e-cigarettes. They’re important, sure, but let’s be honest about what we all really care about: cost. If a product had all of these benefits, but was more expensive than tobacco cigarettes, most people would probably stick with tobacco. But your wallet will love you after switching to e-cigarettes. The cost of getting the equipment and cartridges pales in comparison to the cost of buying tobacco cigarettes. But now it’s even cheaper than ever before: the [WPMSHOT key=”[WPMSHOT key=”V2 Cigs coupon” url=”https://www.facebook.com/v2cigscouponcode”] code” url=”http://v2cigs-coupon.com/”]s give you a huge discount on ordering e-cigarettes and cartridges. Use coupon code EVAP20 to enjoy your V2 Cigs at a cheaper rate than you’ll see anywhere else. Whether you’re curious about e-cigarettes, or switching from traditional cigarettes, or you just want a different experience, you can try it out today with the V2 Cigs coupon.


Review Summary


V2 isn’t content to let the market pass it by and wait for other companies to innovate. They’re hard at work making sure that not only is every new product of the highest quality, but that the process of getting these products is easy and geared toward the customer. To that end, they just updated their products and their website, launching a fresh new overhaul of their current e-cigarette products and the process of buying them. Clearly, this is a company that is not standing still.


What have they changed? The ordering process is now much more powerful for the potential customer, letting each user control their products. Now, when you buy a V2 starter kit, you can customize the contents to have pretty much any combination of e-cigarette model and cartridges. The site is smoother than ever, and ordering your products will be one of the fastest and easiest online shopping experience you have ever had.


As for the products themselves, user satisfaction remains the goal of every V2 product. In addition to the quality and range of flavors in their cartridges, they are built to exacting specifications. Every one of the V2 e-cigarettes will give you the satisfaction of smoking with the ease of use that only a modern electronic could bring. The process of inhaling the cigarette is superior in the V2 to all other brands. Instead of the puff of hot air that most other brands give you, V2 gives you the smooth sensation of actually smoking something without any of the burning or dangerous chemicals. The liquid nicotine flavors will vaporize into a smooth stream that will feel pleasant in your lungs and satisfy your cravings in a way that you’ve never felt before.






Customer Service


We’ve all been there: you have a product that you love, but something goes wrong. It stops working, you break it somehow, or you have questions that go unanswered. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve loved a product until an issue arose and I couldn’t talk to someone on the phone, or my emails went unanswered. I’ve switched away from products I otherwise loved because the customer service was so poor that I couldn’t get any answers, and I just felt like a company didn’t care about my satisfaction after I’d already given them money.


V2 is nothing like that. V2 knows that not only is such treatment bad for the customer, but it’s bad for a company that wants repeat business from happy customers. In the field of customer service, V2 excels by any measure. As a new technology, e-cigarettes remain mysterious to most people. Unfortunately, most e-cigarette companies have such poor customer service that even those who buy e-cigarettes are left in the dark about the answers to their questions. V2 Cigs have customer service representatives who are actually trained to understand the technology, the products, and the prices of everything they sell. You don’t have to take my word for it: contact V2 before you even make a purchase to see how good the customer service is. V2 support representative can be reached by phone, email, or chat within a wide range of extended hours. They’re pleasant and happy to help you with any questions, concerns, or product issues. In the e-cigarette business, that’s not just quality, it’s unparalleled.


Guarantee & Warranty


V2 wants you to be happy and satisfied with its products. For that reason, they offer a uniquely generous 30-day money back guarantee that you will love your products. That’s great, but what about a warranty? They have one of the most comprehensive warranties I’ve ever seen for a product in this area. There is a Lifetime Warranty on all electronic components sold by V2. That means that if anything other than your refills has an issue, it’s covered under your warranty. Battery die? They’ll replace your battery with a free replacement, saving you the time and hassle and money of replacing it.


V2 Cigs is a stand-up company with excellent products. They want you to be happy with everything they make, and it shows. V2 is the electronic cigarette of 2012 for all of the reasons listed above: quality, flavor choices, customer service, ease of use, warranty, and even more great features. Buy an e-cigarette from V2 and it will perform out of the box, every time — if there are any issues, you’ll be covered under their comprehensive warranty. This is just one review, so look around all you want and you’ll see that I’m not alone. There are tens of thousands of satisfied V2 customers, and they are not shy about telling you why this is the best electronic cigarette on the market today.








V2 cigs coupon code 2013: Enjoy the best discount:

Tobacco smoke is among the most harmful substances that people consume. It contains an addictive substance called nicotine that contributes to people developing a dependency on tobacco smoking. There are many harmful effects of tobacco smoke since it also contains other harmful components, most notably tar.

To avoid these effects, manufactures have come up with the best replacement called v2. The v2 cig has provided a new taste in the world of cigarettes. For those smokers who have the habit of smoking the local cigarettes, they will find difficult to accept the benefits of these brand at the initial stage. V2 is a reputed brand that has produced e cig products which smokers can customize in their own way.

With the new invention, people are now able to take in nicotine without the negative effects of accumulating tar and other harmful components in their bodies. Their design resembles that of traditional products. They even have an odorless vapor that users exhale simulating smoke from the traditional cigarette.

The structure of the product has several functional components. Among these is a cartridge containing liquid nicotine. This also has an electronic atomizer that is powered by a small chargeable battery. This atomizer evaporates the nicotine into vapor for the smoker.

Other features of v2 cigs:

1. The brand offer consumers with a manual battery as well as an automatic battery. However, you have to choose the one that will be suitable for your budget and your taste. It is important also to know that there are different kind of e liquids that are available in four type of strength such as zero nicotine, light, full and level medium.

2. The manufacturers also provide a range of flavors, which one may choose to use for his/her consumption. There are around ten different type of flavored cartridge in the market such as peppermint, cola, mint tea, menthol, vanilla, chocolate and many others. In addition, it is important to ensure that you taste their tobacco flavors such as the red, sahara and the congress. The sahara will give you the feeling of middle eastern effect, the red will give you a Marboro feeling while the congress will give you the fresh feeling of American tobacco.

3. Designs. There designs are impressive because there are two forms available to consumers. This will help you to hold the cig according to your convenience. The prices are also much reasonable.

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Once you have got your V2 coupon code it will be important to know the expiry date since, this determine the date which you can get the product. Therefore, it is important to confirm the date in order not to loose an offer opportunity. More information is available in their website if you would want to know more about the coupon. Moreover, you can contact the customer care service who will respond positively to your questions.




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