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The Smokeless Image Volt E Cigarette Launches E-Cig Industry into New Age: Simplistic, Powerful and Functional

Smokeless Image Coupon Code EVAPE10Smokeless Image’s Volt E Cig, despite it’s trusted brand name and place near the top of the electronic cigarette market, is still a relatively young brand (about a year old at the time of this writing) with a lot more innovation and surprises to come I expect. The head of the company is not only responsible for Smokeless Image’s groundbreaking volt e cig, but he is also one of the “veterans” of supplying and advancing the electronic cigarette movement and “awareness” in America – so Smokeless Image as a brand represents the culmination of quite a lot of first hand expertise and knowledge of the technologies out there and what people are truly looking for in an [WPMSHOT key=”e-cigarette” url=”http://whitesmokereview.com/”]. From the few conversations I have had with him I know how much passion has gone into and continues to into Smokeless Image's product line, customer service and support, and every other detail of the brand that makes it genuinely 'stand-out' from the crowd.

From its inception not long ago, Smokeless Image has exploded in popularity and continues to attract a loyal following of customers, and from by experience with their flagship VOLT E Cig – I can clearly understand why.

They had already released a bunch of really nice e-cigs to use with their one of a kind cartomizers and flavors; and the community was really hyping up the big release. The hype centered around the improvements that Smokeless Image planned to make to the KR08d-1 model. This model was the gold standard, the basis for all 2-piece e-cigs, and Smokeless Image rolled out a VOLT that improved on both its battery life and cartomizer quality.

Some e-smokers out there are saying the VOLT E CIG challenges everything we knew about mini e-cigs; they are not only simpler to use than ever before, but they produce massive vapor clouds that hit your throat hard and a battery that never quits. The electronic cigarette market is absolutely flooded with brands, all seemingly selling the same types of 2-piece e-cigarettes with the battery/cartomizer set-up. And it’s true, many brands are just trying to make a buck through reselling and drop-shipping starter kits to unknowing search traffic, but Smokeless Image is different. They went to the lab and brought out this tremendous product that is generating more posts on e-cig communities—like e-cigarette-forum.com – than any other brand I’ve ever seen.Smokeless Image Volt E Cig Review - Starter Kit

How do you know this brand is the best e-cig vendor out there? Just look at the posts, look at the polls and read the comments and testimonials; this brand is generating steam and astounding everyone with its quality. Never before has a brand been the top choice among an entire 90% of e-cig smokers. The cartomizers are absolutely dripping with flavor and providing throat hits that you just don’t find in other mini-style e-cigs.


Smokeless Image Coupon Code – EVAPE10

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Where Has Smokeless Image Been? The Revolutionary E-Cig that Fixed Electronic Cigarettes

If you look around at other options on the market, you may see products that look similar to the VOLT. But if you weren’t around before Smokeless Image hit the scene, you didn’t experience a broken e-cig market. Many options have absolutely terrible battery life, minmal vapor production and break easily; but the VOLT is a consistently good product with great options.

One of the big issues was finding a type of E-Cig that was the size of a traditional cigarette with the performance of a high-powered vaporizer; VOLT solved this issue forever. Some say that a good e-cigarette is “one that you just use”, meaning that you barely notice a difference between it and a traditional tobacco cigarette because it is so realistic. There are very few complaints about this product, where in the past you’d see tons of users on the message boards describing issues and let-downs from many brands.

Some issues that plague most e-cigs are really undesirable things like poor battery life, low vapor volume, bland flavor, burnt taste, poor ease of draw and a few other issues that. These are all non-existent when you use the VOLT, I’ve used many e-cigs and the VOLT is the only one that I can honestly call a joy to vape.

Volt E Cig Smokeless Image Review


There’s Just Something About Smokeless Image

When Smokeless Image was just a baby company rolling out these bigs ideas like multiple options for starter kits, revolutionary cartomizers, e-liquids and other new accessories, very few were paying attention. I had a bit of a peek into the planning room of the guys at Smokeless Image, and I thought they were just going way too slow to ever become something. I was wrong. Just like that cool, calm kid who doesn’t study yet rolls out of bed, arrives late to class and aces the test, Smokeless Image went from infant e-cig brand in a bloated market to reach massive popularity and unmatchable quality. Now that I’ve seen what they do and how they do it, I am pretty sure their success is going to continue until they become the most ultra-dominant e-cig brand of them all.

The Smokeless Image guys just know what they’re doing. They’re experts, innovators and businessmen that know how to do it right and get ultimate customer satisfaction. And I don’t just say that to get web traffic; they came onto the scene just as I began reviewing and they rocked my world.




In a bloated market with so many e-cig brands, how does the VOLT have that makes it stand out?

A simplistic yet functional business plan that doesn’t try to hard where it shouldn’t and therefore exceeds further where it should.

Some e-cig brands try to offer every possible option to get web traffic and smokers of all types to talk about their brand. It works in that they do talk about those brands, though overly diverse e-cig options usually mean that all of their products were not designed or created with perfection and focus. Smokeless Image said, “We are going to create an e-cig that provides enhances performance in a mini design that all smokers will enjoy using.” And boy have they ever.

Smokers convert to Smokeless Image because of their well-made, nicely optioned starter kits, their extensive flavor collection and their ease of use. Nobody wants to have to do extensive market research just to quit tobacco cigarettes and Smokeless Image tells them that’s just fine; just take this e-cig battery, plug one of our tasty cartomizers into it and go at it all day.

In fact, the overly complicated brands with the confusing offers and poor-quality atomizers are really the cause for lower quitting rates of tobacco smokers in the past. It’s truly sad to me when my grandfather or aunt starts talking to me about my e-cig passion, only to hear them say that they had an e-cig that didn’t give them satisfaction and just couldn’t come close to the throat hit they got from tobacco cigarettes. It is this failure to focus on what’s important by other e-cig brands that Smokeless Image is banking in on, and hopefully my grandpa will enjoy the Smokeless Image Volt Premium Starter Kit I ordered him for his birthday. I think this time he’ll really quit, the VOLT is just too great to give him whatever poor experience he had with his last e-smoking product.


Smokeless Image Coupon Code

Already one of the most value-packed and quality brands around, you can save 10% MORE off of any order at smokelessimage.com by using our exclusive coupon code! Just click the code and you’ll be instantly on Smokeless Images amazing web site with a universal 10% off coupon to use on any amount of items in their fantastic lineup. Especially a VOLT Starter Kit or some nice flavored cartomizers.

Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 6.55.52 AM

Why do other brand’s failures piss me off?

Because as a reviewer, I have to do my research and field experience to be able  to properly review the e-cigs for my audience. Why shouldn’t an e-cig brand have to do the same with their product? New companies love to just jump into the fray, buy some bulk e-cig products from the Orient and resell them to unwitting site visitors under a neat brand name. There is a huge range of quality to be found in this market, and a lot of ideas and innovations that are safe to say have been proven ineffective. Two examples are those super mini style e-cigs that just can’t muster the power to give a good throat hit, and also the mass attempts to implement e-liquid refills by using a 3-piece device that just can’t seem to work. I don’t think it’s fair for brands to jump into an emerging market for a quick buck on an undeveloped idea in spite of customer satisfaction. If you’re not passionate about helping people quit tobacco and find a quality vapor alternative, than you don’t belong in the business. If I didn’t love e-cig culture, I wouldn’t be writing false reviews to mislead consumers just because I make money. Smokeless Image is past all of this, they are true leaders of the industry.

Smokeless Image – VOLT Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Internet Marketing is a tight rope to try to walk for e-cig brands. If they create a great product instead of spending on brand-building and advertising, they may never be realized. But it’s so much worse when a brand puts all of its efforts into monetizing that they completely disregard quality and customer satisfaction; this is inexcusable.

Marketing is Not a Long-Term Business Strategy, Quality Is

But like all business, companies that focus on quality and have a slow, constant business plan will win the race over time. Good products will be recognized and the market will come to chant your name. Smokeless Image waited it out from its small beginnings and just worked on development, worked on quality and knew that marketing-based companies with holes in their products would have flash profits and then a drop to failure. They let those other brands take the money from the first big mainstream rush of web profit from e-cig sales and waited until everyone realized their products were undeveloped pieces of metal ordered in bulk.

Notorious brands like Blu, NJOY and Luci haven’t made any significant advancements in technology, still only focusing on marketing as the community realizes their product’s inherent flaws. The VOLT e-cig defies all of them. It is a new-age representation of 2-piece, cartomizer-based mini e-cigarette technology that markets itself.

I took a look into the innter-workings of the VOLT and inspected the connection points, heating coil arrangement and airflow openings; I was astonished at the inherent quality of this brand down to every detail. Even the matte finish was a great touch to add to the overall quality and satisfaction.

VOLT is a head above other mini 2-piece e-cig brands, this head start gives them the clear advantage in the style of e-cig that most consumers are interested in. They are in great position.


Volt Electronic Cigarette Battery USB Charger new KR808D-1 Cartomizers

It Is Clear To See That Manufacturing Standards Have Been Given a High Priority

I already explained how the VOLT is well-built, but there are even more subtle details that shine a light into the functional cracks in devices from brands like NJOY, South Beach Smoke, eSmoke and Green Smoke. It really built onto the kr808d model A LOT, turning it into the most powerful system since the kr808d-1. They also went beyond what other types of cartomizers had ever done besides the kr808; standards have been revolutionized even for standards found in  m601 and E9/V9 cartomizers of the brands listed above.

Here’s a list of what makes it special:

  • The connection between the cartomizer and battery is superb, its flows and vapes more efficiently than any past connection.
  • Uses rubber o-rings to separate the positive and negative charges of the battery and the cartomizers connectors. This reduces possibility of battery shorting and premature death—and really ensures a snug fit between the two.
  • The heating coil is horizontal compared to looped around the air-flow pipe as in previous kr808d models. This is one of the underlying causes of the VOLT’s unmatched consistency and quality of vapor and ease of inhaling.
  • Cartomizer are filled with heat-resistant materials and don’t burn nastily as old e-cigs always had a tendency to do. I even exposed their RV4 cartomizers to high voltages of vaporizer mods and there was absolutely no burnt taste.
  • Cartomizers can be refilled easily with these cool refill caps, and I even refilled multiple times without losing flavor or wearing out the cartomizer’s fibers. The original KR808d-1’s could NOT manage this.
  • The automatic battery is reponsive and intuitive, turning when I mean it to and staying off when I need it to.

smokeless image volt coupon

The Smokeless Image VOLT Battery – A Marvel of Miniature Engineering


Smokeless Image VOLT – Black Electronic Cigarette

Everyone reading this that has experience with mini e-cigs will know that battery capacity in these devices was it’s hugest issue. Since the beginning of e-cigs in general, battery life has been a constant concern for tobacco smokers who never had to worry about charging and being prepared battery-wise for anything. Well the kr808d and other mini models, with their small size, were really plagued by battery issues because small batteries didn’t hold a charge. The Joye 510 3-piece model made advancements with a big ol’ battery but 2-piece e-cigs couldn’t do it. They would get an hour out of one charge and be back to the charging dock again. Over and over.

Smokeless Image Coupon Code EVAPE10
The new VOLT technology has the same size battery as the nicely sized kr808d-1s of the past, but they maximized the hell out of their caacity. They jampacked their battery with more maH (fullness and length of charge) than I can ever remember seeing in any e-cig. As it stands, most other mini models are STILL only packing 150 maH and dying all the time. The VOLT’s 65mm battery hits 220maH and their 75mm larger battery triples that 150maH measurement by holding a massive 320maH. I definitely recommend the 75 mm longer battery, it lasts foreverr.

Now I’m not saying heavy smokers are going to be able to last a day on an entire charge, but only having to use 2 batteries a day or buying a PCC (personal charging case) are very convenient options anyway. If you’ve tried any of the older kr808d-1s or any type of mini cig before and got pissed that it kept dying, seriously order this VOLT e-cig and watch it last all freaking day. You’ll wonder where Smokeless Image was for all those months when shit brands rules the market.

This is a HUGE benefit of the VOLT over competing ecig brands

The battery options are almost endless. First, you get to pick from the two battery sizes and 12 bold, matte finish colors including black, white and silver. Then even more revolutionary is the choice between manual and automatic batteries; giving  veteran smokers the chance to control their own puffs and beginners to puff away on auto-pilot like with their old tobacco cigs. The manual option improves even more upon the thick, pluming vapor that this little VOLT produces consistently and beautifully.

To state an obvious though relevant simile, manual batteries are like driving a stick shift. You have that extra element of control over how your device is running and can add power through manipulation that automatic machines can’t achieve. Also with these manual cigs in the VOLT you can use a “drip tip” to get e-liquid into your cartomizers without battery leakage that happens with automatics.


The VOLT has but one possible competitor, the Maxx Fusion Bloog device.

But over the course of the Smokeless Image vs. Bloog debate, it’s become evident that Smokeless Image has certain advantages that ride it out up to  the market mountaintop

1) Best e-Cig customer service I’ve ever seen. There is no replacement having both a toll free number and a live chat resource that is running a lot of the time. Their customer service staff are really helpful too.

2) Price over quality; a comparison of Smokeless Image Volt to Bloog MaxxFusion

Shipping –

Smokeless Image offers free shipping at the $55 point, Bloog doesn’t offer it until $100 and is a whopping $11.90 for USPS if you don’t spend that much.

Starter Kits—

Both Bloog and Smokeless Image offer 4 distinct levels and types of Starter Kits that are quite similar to each other, but Smokeless Image dominates the price scheme comparison. The ‘Entry Level’ VOLT starter kit from Smokeless Image sells for a mere $29.99!

For a VOLT Basic Starter Kit, you’re paying basically what you would pay for a week of disposable gas station e-cigs. Do I have to go further? Absolutely perfect for any beginners looking to wet their feet with an inexpensive model that is of highest quality. Here’s what’s included in that kit:

• 1 lithium ion battery—65mm with an option to upgrade to 78 for a buck

• 5 Refillable cartomizers in your choice of flavor and strength

• 1 USB Charger

Here’s what comes in Bloog’s similar “Basic Starter Kit”, which is $15 more at $44.95:

• 1 Battery, standard size is the larger 78mm

• 5 cartomizers, also of your choices

• 1 velvet battery pouch—just a trinket sort of thing but some will use it

• 1 USB Charger

• Wall adaptor for USB

They are almost identical kits—who doesn’t have their own USB wall charger these days anyway?—but Smokeless Image offers a superior bargain and beats their closest competitor in quality and options.

Great prices extend to all corners of their online shop. They have 4 kits, batteries for $12.99 and really nice RY4 Cartomizer refills that run for $8.95 per 5-pack at Smokeless Image and $10.99 at BloogPlanet. It may seem small now, but replacement cartomizer costs are going to add up as your running costs go up over time.

I think it’s safe to say that while the Bloog Maxx Fusion is also a quality product, Smokeless Image was able to create a more efficient business plan to undercut them in almost every way; a huge plus for constumers, and online consumers especially. And the more inferior e-cig brands? I don’t even have to run a comparison on those, the VOLT looks like a Lamborghini next to a Buick Skylark when sat next to those floundering Green Smoke, Blu Cigs, Luci or NJOY products. I also like some other brands a  lot, like V2 and Vapor4Lief, but I can’t honestly put them in the same league as the VOLT by Smokeless Image; it’s just the most quality, dependable and budget-friendly option that I’ve seen high and low on the web.



Smokeless Image Review of the VOLT Electronic Cigarette: Concluding Thoughts


The reviews for Smokeless Image VOLT are just flying across the web and around this review site; this device is revolutionary. Here’s a little bit more information about why Smokeless Image is where they are now.

Smokeless Image’s owners have posted this very concise mission statement on smokelessimage.com: “Smokeless Image’s goal is to deliver high quality electronic cigarettes and accessories, while providing the best customer service and prices that make these great new products accessible to every smoker.

Volt E Cig Drip Resistant Drip-Guard Automatic KR808D-1 Batteries


This sums up perfectly what Smokeless Image is all about. A humble statement that portrays the type of attitude that’s carried them to the top; a focus on quality and a strong ability to avoid being distracted by flashy, non-functional distractions like tank cartridges. By carrying the business in this way, you end up with a company that has slowly risen over the quick-start companies that are now failing to come close to the VOLTs performance and being found out. I have three personal statements to make about the VOLT:


OF the highest possible quality

Priced so reasonably because they didn’t stray from the goal.

Old or new smokers really can’t go wrong with buying a VOLT starter kit….nothing compares.


Make the Switch to the hottest company in e-cigs; buy a VOLT starter kit priced for your budget

You probably came across this review because you were looking to find out the best model and brand of e-cig that exists on the market to best replicate and satisfy like tobacco cigarettes can. Well you found it. Whether you’re new to the game or have been stuck with crappy models from knock-off brands and are looking for a legitimate option, Smokeless Image is THAT brand. It’s the Amazon, Google, Apple and Starbucks of e-cigarettes; providing the optimum performance for the user’s needs while streamlining that performance for a low cost.


Smokeless Image Volt Starter Kit White
So if you want to get started with the VOLT, grab our 10% coupon code and head over to smokelessimage.com to order  a Starter Kit and find that e-cigs really can replace tobacco. I also recommend picking up some RY4 cartomizers, Smokeless Image’s fantastic cartomizers that are so tasty and strong that I can’t compare them to other brands. Once again, in my humble e-cig reviewing opinion, you just can’t go wrong with Smokeless Image. It’s the only brand in this bloated, knock-off market that I trust to provide my customer satisfaction and vapor satisfaction at all times. A sure thing in a market of mystery. I’m going to go take a VOLT smoke break now, have a nice day and use that coupon if you buy a VOLT e-cig!

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