Top 6 Cartomizer 2-Piece E-Cig Brands In 2013

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A lot of factors are considered when ranking ECIG cartomizers. Apart from general specifics, designs and efficiency, finer details also come into play. Such finer details could range from the shape of the mouthpiece to the visibility of e-liquid in the unit.

Other factors such as the brittleness of the cartomizer, the vapor quality and the amount of e liquid that can be held in the device are also important. Electronic cigarettes are well known for their safety and eco friendliness since they do not produce tar or smoke despite the fact that they produce vapor that has a very similar smell to that of real cigarette smoke.




After several customer reviews and extensive testing by experts the following have been featured as the top 6  cartomizers in 2013.

v2 product mix
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V2 cigs have a flawless reputation as a cartomizer based, kr808d spec e-cigarette and are our top rated e-cigarette on the market.

They have consistently gained the full five star ratings from numerous V2 Cigs customer reviews which show just how much customers value them. They are widely regarded as the best cigarettes in the market. The standard kit packs a battery, a USB charger, wall adapter and 10 different flavor cartridges. It has a long battery life, excellent vapor production and a five replacement warranty. The only downside is that it does not have a perfect cigarette like appearance.

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White cloud e-cig
Electronic cigarettes need to offer a stronger throat hit, plenty of nicotine and ample vapor production so as to satisfy cigarette smokers as a safer option to tobacco cigarettes and their barrage of chemicals. And white cloud e cigarette is among the leading brands of electronic cigarettes and has been consistently featured in high profile publications just for their reputation. They have a long battery life, 3-step cartridge quality control, shot gun tips, squid charger technology and variable nicotine levels.

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eversmoke coupon


EverSmoke is a newer imprint electronic cigarette with a more high tech look. The starter kit is packed with two batteries, five cartridges, a wall adapter and a charger. It has a great smoke volume, multiple battery sizes, a signature crystal tip, ten flavor options, five different nicotine levels and vapor max cartridge technology.

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Vapor couture
This stylish e-cig is specifically designed for women. It comes with fashionable accessories to attract its target market. It also has great vapor production almost rivaling that of v2. It has a two piece slim design, charges quickly and has a warranty for five battery replacements. The only downside is that the fashionable logo could be mistaken for a Louis vuitton product. It also has a poor battery life and limited range of flavors.

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Ozone smoke
This is a lesser known brand of electronic cigarettes. Like the other five it also has a wide selection of flavors, long battery life and a smooth vaping experience. It comes with authentic flavors and four different nicotine flavors that can be adjusted according to your smoking intensity. It also has a longer lasting cartridge though it could do with a stronger throat hit.

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Green smoke
Green smoke is among the most respected e-cigarette producers. The cigarette comes with very rich flavors and loads of vapor for the user. Their cartridges are usually triple sealed to prevent leaking and last longer than those of most of its competitors. Its intuitive and sturdy design alongside the introduction of a two piece customizer also serves to place it among the best cartomizers this year albeit only because of the design. It also comes with ample battery life and varied options for preferred nicotine levels.

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