Vaping VS Smoking-Should You Switch?

Posted on: 2012/01/16 | Filed under: E Cig
Vaping VS Smoking; whats the big deal? According to health officials, smoking can cause several types of cancers, several types of leukemia, vascular disease, heart disease, pneumonia, emphysema, blindness, chronic bronchitis, bad breath, aging, erectile dysfunction, gum disease, macular degeneration, yellow brittle nails and the list goes on. Lets not forget to mention that it leaves a vile smell in your hair, skin and on your clothes. Smoking can also shorten your lifespan. Do you know the average woman or man takes about 13-15 years off of their life when they smoke? While cigarette companies are steady pushing the cigarettes out the door, this is something that they neglect to tell you. If they do, its mostly in print that you can barely read.

Vaping VS Smoking; what about the risks associated with vaping? There are no risks associated with vaping, but there are some benefits. With vaping, youre basically inhaling something on fire out of an electric cigarette, but its in no way similar to smoking. The vapor that you inhale is mixed with nicotine for an experience that is truly unique. There is absolutely no tobacco in them, and their battery operated. Not only do you reduce your risk of obtaining serious health related issues, but you also eliminate the odor associated with tobacco filled cigarettes and theres absolutely no smoke to worry about. Its true that vaping comes with a little odor, but its barely even detected and you can be confident that no one else will detect it while youre using your electronic cigarette.

Vaping VS Smoking-Are You Ready to Choose?

Vaping VS Smoking- Which is cheaper? Ok, its true that smoking is more expensive than vaping. However, depending on where you shop, you can get some great [WPMSHOT key=”deals” url=””] on electronic cigarettes. In some places you can get them for a little under eighty bucks, but of you go online and look for coupons, you can get them for much cheaper. Compare to cigarette packs, $70-$80 is still expensive, but you must consider that you can use them over and over again, and the solution that you put in them lasts much longer. Besides, if it means that you can have better health and increase your life span, isnt the price worth it? Many people avoid switching because of the price, but if you saved a little every week, by the end of the month, you could have your own electronic cigarette.

When thinking about Vaping VS Smoking, think about how smoking affects others around you including your family, friends, co-workers and others that you come in contact with. When you smoke around people who dont smoke, not only are you putting yourself at risk for health issues related to smoking, but youre endangering them as well. Do you know that at least 53,000 Americans die from second hand smoke each year? Not only does this include adults, but also babies and children. Stop putting yourself and others at risk. Vaping VS Smoking- Now, you know the right decision to make.

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