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With each day passing, the number of brands, as well as the competition among them is increasing in case of the electronic vapor cigarettes. It is becoming increasingly difficult and confusing to choose the best brand since there are many brands of electronic cigarettes available these days.

How do consumers buy products nowadays? Well, they have gone smarter, buying only what they need or what can really satisfy them or what fits in their budget. They also read labels and gather more information about the product they will be buying. They make sure the information provided have basis as mentioned in studies or scientific research. They make sure the brands of the products are worthy of being praised by real users and experts alike.

Some of the best e-cigarette brands are given below for your convenience.

One of the popular brands of the best vapor cigarette is the V2CIGS which has the thickest vapor in the market.

#1 TOP PICK : [WPMSHOT key=”V2 CIG” url=””]S Vapor Cigarette

One of the best e-cigarette brands which is famous for its two piece cartomizer based electronic cigarette.  V2 Cigs (see our V2 Cigs Full Review) is very affordable and the taste is as authentic as smoking the traditional cigarettes (but also offers other varieties with several exotic choices and the ability to use your own eliquid from whichever supplier you might prefer).

The vapour quality is of very high standard, and is regarded as the best amongst MINI ecigarettes (those about the size or a big bigger than a traditional cig).

v2 product mix

  • V2 Cigs is a good alternative to traditional cigarettes because it is health-oriented and restricts nicotine intake. Smokers may opt to have no nicotine in their smokes or have a little up to 18 mg of nicotine.
  • The product does not produce tar, carbon monoxide and ash. It is even odorless, thus, resolving issues of getting the smell of smoke out of the car, the clothes and the hair.
  • The product was designed using a modern technology to release vapor from the nicotine contained in the cigarette.
  • It’s also cheaper than the traditional cigarette, with one cigarette usable multiple times. Flavors available are tobacco, menthol, coffee, peppermint, vanilla, cola, cherry, banana blast, coconut, Sahara and more. The strength varies, too.



Below Is A Shortlist of Vapor Cigarette Brands We Consistently Have Found To Be Excellent Choices (Following V2 Cigs – Our Top Pick in 2013):

#3. Smokeless image e cigarette
One of the newest brands in the e cigarette market, Smokeless Image and their excellent lineup of VOLT ECigs has been able to create a niche for itself and has occupied the topmost position among all the e-cigarette brands. The high quality of the battery and the cartomizer, as well as the reasonable price of its kit makes it a top contender. The average price of this brand ranges from $ 29.99 to $ 94.99. It has a three month warranty and money back guarantee associated with its products.



#4 Bloog maxx fusion electronic cigarette
One of the biggest names in the market of e cigarettes, the first product of this brand was the KR8o8D – 1.There has been a new standard set for the 2 piece cartomizers by this brand. This brand has been the biggest manufacturer of e-cigarettes in the market. It gives you the taste of its quality of strength and effectiveness from the first puff you take. It gives you an experience which you will find is the closest to smoking the traditional cigarette. It is the best e- cigarette brand which gives you a 30 day guarantee.

#5 Vapor4life vapor king e cigarette
This brand has become one of the market leaders after a long fight, and has done this by analyzing and using different exotic flavours in the electronic cigarettes. There are certain specifications which have been made in the KR808D-1. This has improved the model. The backup provided by the battery in this brand is also very high. The cigarette has a two piece cartomizer. The price of the starter kit is $ 45 and $ 99.95. There is also a guarantee of 45 days which is provided by this brand.
Why use e-vapor cigarettes?
The most important reason of using the e cigarettes is that it helps you reduce your chances of getting different kinds of cancer, as well as the lung diseases. It is the best option rather than the traditional smoke filled tobacco cigarette. These e cigarettes are just filled with water vapour. The absence of the different kinds of harmful substances like nicotine, tar etc. makes this a safe item for human use. Moreover, if you want to free yourself from the harmful effects of smoking this is the best option. If you are new to this, you can always refer to the above mentioned e- cigarettes brands.


smokeless image is a great line of ecigs

Plenty of e-cigar brands are still out there, unexplored. There are some who have already received good reviews and are yet to emerge as among the best vapor cigarette brands. Smokers just need to be smarter when it comes to picking a brand because of the increasing number. But overall, enjoying an electronic cigarette is also lessening the risk of nicotine addiction and increasing the joy of having a clean and healthy air – but getting your purhchase to be of a good brand and model from the start is one of the main ways to ensure you have both a positive experience and first impression – and that your “transition process” is as seamless as possible.

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