What Is An Electronic Cigarette?

Posted on: 2013/03/10 | Filed under: Vaping

Defining Moments For The Electronic Cigarette


It’s also called the e-cig or electric cigarette, the electronic cigarette has been called an earth-shaking device not just because it can replace the toxic traditional cigarettes but also because it has the potential to change lives. These devices look, feel, and taste like the regular cigarettes but without the tar and dangerous chemicals. On so many different levels, the electronic cigarette delivers a better chance for smokers, one they should seriously consider before it’s too late.


The e-cig runs on batteries so there’s no burning of anything involves. There is a heating element inside the e-cig that turns the nicotine solution into vapor. This is what you inhale and exhale. It’s all clean and without the nasty odor of burning toxins. Ever wonder why cigarette smoke smells so terrible?  If one burns paper, the smell is okay. If one is burning tobacco which is a plant, the smell isn’t malodorous at all. So, why does cigarette smoke smell so bad? It’s the added toxic ingredients, and certainly not the nicotine because with the e-cig, there is no nicotine smell. Just think about it.


Defining Moment 1 for smokers is not having to spend so much in their addiction. With electronic cigarettes, their cost for one year will drop tenfold because when you buy a pack of cigarettes, you’re spending in dollars. When you buy an electronic cigarette cartridge, you’re spending is cents.


Defining Moment 2 is when you find out with amazement that you can use the electronic cigarette in public places. No one will object to vaping inside restaurants, bars, airports, and public transportation vehicles. There’s no carbon monoxide nor nasty odor that lingers for hours if not days.


Granted the design of the traditional cigarette is such that all you have to do is light up, burn, puff, exhale, and then toss the cigarette butt away. With the electronic cigarette, there is some maintenance and care necessary but in exchange, you are not polluting your environment. There is no smoke, ashes, or cigarette butts. You are helping decrease the need for paper which comes from trees and you don’t have to buy ashtrays, matches, lighter, cologne, mouth wash just to get rid of your bad breath or cigarette smelling clothes, hair and skin. Thus, it’s more than a fair exchange for the maintenance required.


The three parts of an electronic cigarette are the battery, cartridge, and the atomizer. The cartridge is also used as the mouth piece and the part that is disposed of and replaced. The batteries are designed to be environmentally-friendly and economical. The atomizer has the heating device to turn the nicotine into vapor. You can buy an electronic cigarette that controls the flow of vapor and prevents leaks. You can also opt for one that has a cartridge that can be refilled instead tossed away. All e-cigs have a LED light to mimic a burning tip.


This brings us to the Defining Moment 3 which is when you start to experience less tension in your life in different ways:


  • No more will people be asking you to step out of the room
  • No more angry stares for lighting up – even in the streets. Also no more people crossing to the other side to avoid going close to you
  • No more partners or children who wrinkle their nose when you get close because you smell like smoke
  • No more incessant smoker’s cough
  • No more doctors, spouses, parents, children, strangers asking you “Why do you have to smoke?”


In short, you will be faced with less pressure, and if you think that cigarettes is the best way to relieve stress, think again. Traditional cigarettes cause stress, inefficiency, and poor mental health. Electronic cigarettes can help you relax wherever you want, whenever you want.

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